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Arcane Rider


Arcane Rider

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Sart your own business in Hiring services with our Arcane – Uber for on-demand services. Arcane has a driver version, rider version, and Arcane is on the Web too.

We provide you here the release notes for Arcane v 1.2, with additional features that enhance the performance even more!!

Release Notes for Arcane version 1.2:

Arcane Rider:

• Implemented car category and car type: Rider can view the different cars available and its fare details. A rider can choose the car category, calculate the fare details, and the estimated fare details.

• Implemented drop location option: Rider can choose the Drop location
before sending the request to the driver.

• Implemented PayPal SDK: Rider can pay the amount once the trip is completed,
using the PayPal payment gateway.

• Improved performance: Response time has been fastened thus improving the performance.

• Bug Fixes: Bugs are annoying and we ensure that what we
give you is not corrupted by the filthy bugs!!

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