Project Details

Hotfuse is an innovative new app that contains all of the key features found in popular social media outlets including Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter and Snapchat, in one revolutionary, user-friendly platform. While the most popular social media outlets contain a wide variety of features, from photo editing to group chats, you often have to go from one platform to another to complete tasks. For instance, you may edit photos on Snapchat and Instagram, but share them on Twitter while turning to WhatsApp for group chats. With Hotfuse, you can complete every task in one place; simplifying your social life.

Photo Editing, Augmentation and Sharing
Instagram and Snapchat are well known for their fun and flattering photo filters. They are fairly easy to apply and they present users with the option of sharing the newly edited photos. With Hotfuse, you can choose from a wide variety of less common filters, making your photos much more unique.

Editing – To be more specific, Hotfuse has a full suite of editing features such as brightness, contrast, color, saturation, warmth, sharpness, focus, photo frames, text, crop, rotate, stickers such as emojis, hats, moustaches, etc., write text or scribe something with your finger, remove blemish and much more.

Art Algorithm Filter – You can even choose to transform your photo in to a work of art. Hotfuse has algorithms such as converting a photo in to a style of an oil painting, poster, sketch, night image, black and white, grey noise, chalk, pixelate, image swirl, bulge, spherical image and other amazing creative styles.

Live Filters – Other filters work on the photo already taken, but live filters work on photos that you are about to take and apply filters before you take the photo. This is amazing advanced AI photo tool that can be a lot of fun. Use this to put sunglasses, big eyeballs, moustaches, hats, panda face masks and so much more. This is fun and creatively unique in a lot of ways.

Crop and Paste – This highlight, duplicate and paste tool can be a lot of fun too. Simply click on the scissors icon and then highlight a section on an image to duplicate that precise section of the image and you can paste it on the other part of the photo. You can instantly duplicate the number of flowers in a photo or a number of birds, balls, boats, people or whatever is on the photo. This is fun to augment a photo easily. All this is fast and instant.

Swipe Filters – Snappy filters let you swipe your finger on the screen and instantly apply a filter, time or the speed of the image is travelling. It is all about having fun with your images.

Sharing – You can share photo or a video with your friends on Facebook and Twitter.

With Hotfuse app, taking a photo is just the beginning. We open the possibilities so that everyone can share their creativity and have fun without any technical knowledge.

Group Chats
WhatsApp is one of the better-known apps for group chatting. Messages on WhatsApp are encrypted, making messages unreadable to third parties. Hotfuse also provides encrypted messaging, although it is showcased in a more user-friendly, all-inclusive messaging platform.

Group Voice and Video Calls
Video calls are becoming increasingly popular on numerous social media platforms. These calls allow you to view the person you are speaking to in real time, but bouncing back and forth between messenger apps, voice calling and video calling apps can be tedious. Hotfuse allows you to make a group voice or video call with several friends all at the same time in a group setting is surely a winner for all. All this on the same app.

In addition to more common components, Hotfuse allows you to take total control of your social life. With a built-in planner, you can create an event and send invitations to your contacts in a matter of seconds.

Whether from friends, customers or followers, everyone needs advice at some point in their lives. Hotfuse’s user-friendly polling feature allows you to gain valuable input from the important people in your life. This poll makes it easy to decipher and view results without having to jump from message to message.

Nearly every social media platform allows you to create a profile page, but many of these allow for limited information. Hotfuse, on the other hand, understands the importance of your online presence. With an excellent profile page, you are able to define yourself on your own terms.

Easy Signup
Hotfuse is easy to join with quick few steps. You may even use Facebook or Twitter credentials to sign in. Do this today!

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