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Pearl Initiative

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Pearl Initiative is the leading Gulf business-led non-profit organization fostering a corporate culture of accountability and transparency in the Gulf Region.

The organization was developed in cooperation with the United Nations Office for Partnerships in 2010 and has a strategic partnership with the United Nations Global Compact. Pearl Initiative takes the lead in raising standards of governance and integrity in order to enhance business competitiveness and value creation. With its growing network of companies, Pearl Initiative is committed to drive joint action, exhibit positive leadership and share knowledge among the regional businesses and student communities. Through this approach, the organizations are committed to assisting them to implement higher standards in corporate governance, anti-corruption, diversity in business leadership and corporate reporting.

Our activities include:

● Program and Research

● Roundtable Forums

● University Collaborations

This app acts as a platform to:

● Get latest updates about and the organization and Events hosted by the organization

● Aggregate feeds from different social media channels

● Latest press updates

● Access to recent publications

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  • Barbeque Nation Reservation
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